Are you waiting for any kind of work from home?Do you want to earn extra money from home?Have you lost your job and still want to earn from home?If your answers for these question is “Yes” then you have the best chances to earn plenty of money from home.It means no need to go office or obey the orders of your boss anymore. You will be the boss of yourself.Now a days,we are fully dependent upon computers and internet so getting an online job is also not that tough.What you are looking for,is known as Freelance Work where you work online for people who pay you for the same.You can choose your job according to your skill.So many freelancing websites are there on internet but we have selected best 10 of them.They are paying from last few years and are trustworthy.

Top 10 websites to earn money online from home

The list of the same is given below:


Elance is undoubtedly the best freelancing website in the world.It is actually an U.K based websited which was started in year 1998.It is the most popular website due to its long age and high paying nature.Contractors contact these websites for their work to be done by professionals and pay users after the completion of work.As mentioned above,so many fields are there so you can choose the field of your interest.As per our survey,more than 1.5 million contractors are registered with Elance. Currently they are posting more than 60 thousands jobs per month.

Elance is also best due to surety of payment via so many methods.It doesn’t charge you anything for signing up.However,if you are a paid user then you will get much more preference.If you are new then i will suggest you to get a free membership and work according to your need.


We have rated oDesk as second after the ELance due to its popularity.However it is also best in Quality.You can get any kind of work in oDesk. If you are a writer then i will recommend you to give it a try.So many professionals and non-professionals are earning a lot from this website.

It has all the qualities like eLance. However It is slightly lower paid than Elance. After comparing average rate for same kind of jobs,we found that it is paying less than Elance. This is probably the reason why we have placed it second in our list.Apart from that oDesk is great.


Freelancer is also among the oldest freelancing websites.It is very popular as well with more than 3.6 registered user.It is a good paying website with almost all features of Elance and oDesk.It has so many method of payment so you can earn money even when you don’t have Paypal account.


ScriptLance is not as big as Elance but it is dedicated to Programmer and IT professionals.It means if you belongs to IT field and have plenty of programming knowledge then it can do magic.It is small which makes it easier for you to get a job.ScriptLance charge 5% of your earnings which is lowest among all freelancer websites.It doesn’t charge you for the registration.You can also earn extra money for refering your friend to this site.It is infact an underdog which has made its way into the list of top 5.


Fiverr is abit different from other freelancing websites.Here workers post jobs they are willing to do.Hireres doesn’t post what they want to be done.Jobs can only cost $5.Out of this amout Fiverr takes $1.It is unique in nature.It is infact a micro-freelancing website which has gigs.If you are a beginner then you must try it.


As the name suggests,it is freelancing Guru Platform.It includes almost all features of top freelancing websites like Elance and oDesk but it provides very less opportunity to free account holders.It means you will only get job,if you are a paid member.However overall it is good website.Sign up now and give it a try.


vWorker is another reputable freelancing website.It is known for high scrutinized screening process.It ensures that you only get jobs of your interest.It save a lot of your time.If you are hired by someone,you will see that the person is highly relevant to your field.It is amust try freelancing website.If you are looking to start your freelancing career then you must give it a try.

8. 99Designs

As the name suggest,it is a design-oriented freelancing website.Here contractors post contests of various designs like-logo design,page design etc.Freelancers submit their designs.After getting many submissions they choose the winner of the contest and award him a huge amount of money.It can be time consuming for one who fails to win the contest.However if you are a good artist and have plenty of confidence upon yourself then you can earn huge amount of money.If you are interested then give it a try.


The name is enough to provide its description.This freelancing website is related to programming,web development and other coding related jobs.It is among the oldest website in its field.It has thousands of contractors and so many people are working with it.It also pay huge amout of money so if you are a programmer or any IT professionals,you can give it a try.


After comparing with others,i found this site similar to 99 Designs.The way of its working is also similar.It pays much more than the previously mentioned site.However it is quite hard to get selected due to large number of competitors.